1. To buy or not to buy- The information gained from a home inspection can help you decide.

2. Peace of mind- Feel confident knowing the top to bottom condition of your property.

3. Risk vs. reward- A professional home inspection will typically run a few hundred dollars but could save you thousands in the long run by identifying hidden problems.

4. Safety- Ensure that there are no unforeseen hazards waiting in the major systems of the property.

5. Negotiating power- You property inspection report provides you with the leverage to negotiate the property price based on an unbiased review of the property.

6. Gauging future costs- In order to plan for the future, you need a comprehensive and realistic assessment of the property now. What looks fine now but will need to be replaced in a few years time?

7. Knowledge is power- Gathering information from a home inspection is a valuable education for future real estate dealings

8. Uncovering structural issues- An untrained eye can easily overlook these potentially expensive problems.

9. Pests/Insects- A property that looks great on the surface could have unwanted tenants that you would not want to share your home.

10. Mold- It is crucial to find out if and possibly to what extent this costly and health threatening danger is present.