Buyer Pre-Purchase

Let's make sure that the home of your dreams is as solid as you hope for it to be.

Seller Pre-Listing

Before you sell your home, let's make sure that there are not any problems that will come up after the home has hit the market.

11 Month Warranty

Did you purchase a home warranty with your home? Let's make sure that nothing is wrong with the home before the warranty expires.

New Construction

Let's make sure that everything was installed and built up to your standards.

Investment Property

You want to make a sound decision with your hard earned money so let's make sure that investment property is ready to rent.

Radon Testing

Buy Wise Home Inspections is now certified to complete radon testing. Radon is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. 21,000 people die every year due to radon exposure in the United States per the EPA.

Thermal Imaging

Buy Wise now offers thermal imaging services. Think you have possible moisture intrusion,energy bills sky high,unknown electrical issues could be hiding behind the walls and panel as well. We now have the capability of finding those issues, to give you vision and knowledge beyond what the human eye can see.